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60" (1.52m) RC Silky W/P Photo Paper (260)

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USD 52.20
USD 52.20
In stock
60" (1.52m) RC Silky W/P Photo Paper (260)

Price 1 Roll : USD 36

Minimum Order Item : 10 Roll         

.  "RC" means this item is laminated with PE on both sides, different from `common` photo paper with better waterproofing ability. It is not easy deformed and convenient to store, thus more suitable for maritime provinces.
. As the surface coating has been treated for waterproofing, it can be apply to outdoor.
. Mainly used for Roll up banner, X Banner Stand and poster.
. The fine surface is more innovative.


Suitable inkjet printers:                                                   Suitable inks:

Mutoh, Roland, HP, Epson, Mimaki, etc.                                 Pigment Ink.

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