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Ricoh UJF-3042 GEN4 Printhead - EXCLUSIVE

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USD 636.50
USD 636.50
In stock
Ricoh UJF-3042 GEN4 Printhead - EXCLUSIVE

This Ricoh GEN4 (MH2420), 384 channels, 30 kHz, 7 picoliter, greyscale printhead is suitable for Mimaki UJF-3042 printers. This printhead has an integrated heater and thermistor. This is the Ricoh original printhead, covered by a manufacturer warranty.

This printhead correspond to Mimaki part number M010010. This part includes the damper adapter M014497.

Printer compatibility: Mimaki UJF-3042 / UJF-3042FX / UJF-3042HG / UJF-6042

Technical Specifications

*Size: 63 x 63 x 16,2 mm (excluding cables)
*Head Materials: SST, Ni and Epoxy Adhesive
*Nozzle Plate Surface: Non-coated SST
*Number of Nozzles: 2 x 192 nozzles
*Nozzle Spacing: 0,1693 mm
*Piezo Type: D33 Stacked PZT
*Temperature Control: Integrated Heater and Thermistor
*Operator Temperature range: Up to 60° C
*Native Drop Volume: 7 pl
*Drop Volume Range: 5-25 pl with greyscale
*Jetting Frequency: Up to 30 kHZ
*Life: 100 billion actuations per nozzle

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